Rachel often says that living life is like a work in progress, an on going process in which there is yet so much to explore and so many challenges to take on. Truth be told, the journey for her is the very nature of being and knowing fault of hand, the eye of her camera.

Her photographs are an exploration in beauty and an experiment in rawness. They weave patterns that can be tactile and puzzling. There is always a curious element attached to the process and image. Above all, this makes the work intriguing; the viewer is naturally drawn in by its magnetizing/mesmerizing pull.

Viewing these works is as if looking on a sensual surreal experiment, creating a playful air with mesmerizing results: pure photography, with no preservatives or additives.

Rachel pays close attention to colour and how it simultaneously embodies and burdens the image. In Rachel’s words: “sometimes it’s surreal or full of entanglements that lead to new revelations.”

Her latest images continue to explore the purity of being: unmasking while being vulnerable and noble all at once. It is a visual alchemy: the figures are like a rhythmic architecture made up of corporal constructions and materials such as yarn, feathers and textiles; all melded together, the masking is at once the unmasking and the transformation itself is captured in the image. Looking through the images, we find another, a new perspective. It is, as she puts it, a deep exploration from the inner self to the outer world.

Rachel’s works are of timeless beauty; the grace of light discovered and untangled, which marks the direction along the journey that she takes. Literally shooting the very threads that connect and disconnect, the visual alchemy of daybreak and bright new mornings.