Nieborg’s photographs are an exploration in beauty and an experiment in rawness. They weave patterns that can be tactile or puzzling. Can repulse or draw you in, there is always a curious element attached to the process and image.

Its as if one is looking on a sensual surreal experiment. There is always a playful air with mesmerizing results. pure photography, with no preservatives or additives.

She pays close attention to colour and how it embodies and burdens the image. As she says sometimes its surreal or full of estrangement.


Nieborg’s latest images, continues to explore the purity of being, unmasking, while being vulnerable and noble, all at once.

It is a visual alchemy, made from yarn, feathers into masks, body movements and whatever comes on her path.  They are, as she puts it, a deep exploration from the inner self to the outer world.

Timeless beauty, grace of light discovered and untangled, marks the direction along the journey that she takes.

Literally shooting the very threads that connect and disconnect, the visual alchemy of  day break and bright new mornings.

She often says she is not there yet, that there are things to explore and places to reach. Truth be told, the journey is the very nature of being and knowing fault of hand, the eye of her camera.

Rachel Nieborg was born in Loosdrecht and currently lives and works in Amsterdam. She started her career in textile. In 2002 she began making photographs. In 2006 she graduated cum laude from the “Foto Academie” (“Photo Academy”) Amsterdam. She has had several exhibitions and participated in fairs.